Workforce Capabilities

Do you know whether your people have what it takes to meet your strategic goals? Have you got the right people in the right jobs? Are your managers leading by example or your biggest problem?

Pobi can help you identify the current capability position across your whole organisation so you have the evidence to bring about positive change quickly.

Our intelligent platform allows individuals’ competencies to be rated against pre-defined standards and behaviours that are set by you for different roles in order to reflect your desired culture and to realise your ambitions.


    Skills covered include those that have been identified in top performing organisations and fall into the following categories:

    • Leadership
    • Sales
    • Service

    Your organisation can benefit from a range of capability analytics:

    • The priority skills gaps that need addressing in line with the company’s strategic plan
    • Behaviours that need to be most worked on in line with the company’s culture
    • Match those most capable individuals to vacancies and opportunities to minimise disruption and create a culture growing your own
    • Capability and role matching to ensure that the right individuals are in the right positions
    • Leadership effectiveness and its impact on the organisation

    People Performance


    Future Proofing