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People Performance

If you could replicate your best performers what impact would it make on your customer, growth and profit?

Are you getting to the root cause as to why some employees are not performing to your expectations within the business?

Are you guilty of promoting too soon or the wrong people?

Do you know if your managers are developing or micro-managing their teams? 

Are yo u fast tracking stars of the future so they don’t go to a competitor?

Pobi’s intelligent workforce platform will help you optimise your people's performance by providing business critical data on:

skills development challenges which are holding certain individuals back from progressing and impacting on the productivity of your organisation
* promotion readiness of individuals who are looking to step up to the next level
* people who are showing significant promise and have the ability to be fast tracked through the organisation
* managers who are not coaching and mentoring their team members, effectively holding them back
* the types of learning content that are most popular amongst individuals
* the degree to which individuals are engaging with the development process from downloading learning content to collaborating with their peers during their development journey


Workforce Capabilities


Future Proofing